Too often, people lose sight of what they are doing. How many people do you know have started out in a career, in a marriage, or in having kids with purpose?

Frequently, a month or year, or 5 years down the road, they have almost completely forgotten why they are doing what they are doing, myself included. Sometimes this doesn’t mean that they aren’t guided by a purpose, but instead, they are doing it for another reason that they don’t essentially agree with.

  • A marriage begins with a basis in love, but frequently gets overwhelmed by responsibilities.
  • A career begins because we think we can make a difference in the world.
  • It later changes to “what benefits does my job supply me?”
  • How do we avoid these pitfalls?

In my last blog, I outlined the activity of reflecting. Part of that process will be setting goals. Setting goals is an essential yearly, monthly, weekly, daily practice in the journey to growth and success. However, before you start setting goals, important steps have to be taken first.

What do you want truly want to achieve in your life: What is your purpose, your “Why”?

Before you start setting goals, sit down and really dig deep and think about how you would like to see your life – relationships, family, health, finances. Don’t hold back, be true to yourself and think as big or small as you genuinely feel, also keep in mind certain things may change but the general vision should be strong.

Think about what type of person you need to become to achieve that lifestyle? Be honest to yourself. Make certain the answer to these questions are your answers.

Often, people fail to give their own answers to such questions. Instead, they try to make their answers sound pretty.

Often, people lie to themselves. When you give honest answers to these questions, your starting point is the right starting point. Transfer those visions to paper and articulate them to your loved ones. When you discover your “why” it will be so powerful that no matter the obstacle you will overcome it because you believe in your vision in your “why”?


Who are you now and what is your current lifestyle?

In order to progress, grow, improve you must be aware and take responsibility for your current situation. Again, what are the habits or limiting beliefs that need to change? What are your current annual expenses? What is your current daily schedule or routine, from the time you get up in the morning to the time you sleep? Once you have written all of this information down, review and be aware of your current situation, and most importantly, be open to change in any aspect of your life that blocks you from making your vision a reality! Reflection leads to establishing goals!

Take Massive Action – As Tony Robbins and many other successful individuals have said, you must consciously decide to commit and take massive action!

The goals you write down are not like a wish list. It isn’t that list of things you would do if you won the lottery. It is a commitment, and it is a covenant! Whatever you decide to do and whoever you decide to be, before you even decide to do it, you must decide no matter what stands in your way, and no matter who doesn’t agree with it!

You will not quit! You will take massive action!

You will commit to learn and to adapt and you will keep taking action! You will never ever quit, and you will always commit! This is easier said than done. However, it is essential that you are mentally prepared to commit. Make sure you sit down with your loved ones; wife, husband, kids, parents and let them know what you have decided and that you have committed and that you will need their support and commitment as well.

Before you begin the undertaking of changing your life, you need to establish the support of loved ones to not only achieve great things, but to prepare them for the changes they will see in you, and reciprocally, be assured of the support you will need, particularly in those difficult times you will surely have!

For example, if your “why” is to generate enough income so you can quit your job and spend more time with your family, and then build long term wealth by growing multiple streams of income, then you need to determine how much rental income you need annually to quit your day job. Once you have determined that bottom line, you can then develop the business model that will lead you to your goal.

Your business model will determine the goals you need to achieve on a daily and weekly basis to keep moving forward.
In other words, your “why” frames your short-, medium-, and long-term goals; by being clear on your “why”, you will have a business model that can actually work!


In determining your “Why”, setting goals is an essential step for success. However, what is just as important is accountability.

You will not achieve all of your goals every day. Yet, it is important to review your goals daily and ask yourself why certain goals were not completed.

Furthermore, make sure you transfer all incomplete goals to the next day. It is important that you do this as an individual and as a team. Make sure you hold your partners, your employees, your “power team” accountable by having daily or weekly meetings. In these meeting, track progress and discuss any outstanding issues and then the relevant short- and long-term solutions.

Even if you have a bad day, bad week, bad year, don’t stop. Reorganize yourself, your plan, and your goals and take action once again. Holding accountability meetings daily should not allow you to stop ever!


Remember, Go Get It!

Dreams are Big, Taking Action is Bigger!

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