Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Musically, YouTube, Skype and as a broad term, the internet.

We live in a very interesting point in time where these tools listed above have the power to connect people from all across the world together. This is amazing right?! Yes it is.

With amazing comes responsibility though.

This blog could go on to talk about thousands of different perspectives of how the internet is either destructive, inspirational, empowering and the list goes. Today I am going to focus on mental management and how the internet fits into either helping you hit goals, or distracting you from hitting your goals.

How much time do you spend on the internet per day?

Add it up right now……..Okay great!

We don’t need to be exact but what is a rough time frame?

Two hours? Three hours? Five hours?!

Whatever it may be, my guess would be that the mass majority of you reading this are not using that time 100% effectively.

Now the fact that you are reading this is a good sign that you might be one of the productive internet users but that still being the case the internet has endless distractions.

Have you ever been researching something, reading an article, replying to a business message on Facebook or watching an informative YouTube video and then somehow it is 30 minutes past the time you completed your “effective internet research session” and you’re staring at cat pictures posted on your best friends girlfriends Facebook page?!


Well maybe not that exact situation but I think you catch my drift because it has happened to me. The internet has an amazing power to control your attention if you let it. Now a completely different blog topic that I will most likely cover in the future will be “how to grasp this amazing power the internet has and use it to your advantage” but for now I will keep on topic.

Using the internet is definitely not a bad thing, but if you have goals and want to complete those goals you need to focus your time. Being disciplined with your time is an absolute must.

If you are an “internet junkie” you may want to set rules for yourself. You may want to tell a friend, your parent or a business partner / colleague to keep you accountable.

I truly believe using the internet in this era will help you become more successful but it has to be done properly.

Nobody cares about the person who watches endless YouTube videos everyday but if you are posting YouTube videos everyday and engaging to the world someone is going to take value from that and now you are changing lives…powerful stuff.

Now how much value you give and for how long will depict on how successful you become with your postings but that can be very productive internet time. Watching videos can be as well but what are you watching?! Is it helping you reach your goals?! If you answered yes, then pat yourself on the back.

Focus is an amazing tool that humans need to practice before they can master it. I am human and I am not a master in this field yet but I have definitely excelled from where I used to be and my goals continue to rise as well. I hopefully will never reach my goals because that means I am always wanting to grow and create bigger goals.

If we could be focused 100% of the day it would be sickening on how much we would accomplish. I like to refer to this focus as “being all in”.

When you are writing a paper, be all in.

When you are working out at the gym, be all in.

When you are cooking dinner for your loved ones, be all in.

Focus your time on the task at hand. Don’t be split between tasks. Dwelling on the past, cooking dinner and trying to watch a YouTube video on how to be productive is not getting us ahead.

You will most likely mess up dinner, not resolve your problem and forget everything you just watched on your video… I know that would happen to me….Be all in.

Focus on one task at a time until you cross it off and then move on to the next one. You will see the shift in your productivity.

I hope you take something away from this short blog and I hope when you’re performing tasks you will challenge yourself with the question ~ “is the internet distracting me or helping me be ALL IN?”

If it isn’t…..a change might have to happen!


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